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Dr. Kinal has been committed to enhancing his clients' natural beauty through careful and long-term tested systematic procedures that ultimately boost self-confidence and improve appearance—well known in California, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia, for implementing various successful procedures that produce exceptional results. Dr. Kinal was motivated to pursue medicine by his mother, Sandy, who was a dedicated nurse. Along with his true passion for science and a keen interest in medicine starting from a very young age, his mother was the driving force that saw him manage the often hectic and rugged medicine schedule. Nothing could slow his quest of being a cosmetic surgeon; he remained committed and disciplined. Patient care remains his top priority, and each patient has to meet a strict criterion to qualify for surgery.



Dr. Kinal is a Board-Certified Surgeon with the American Board of Surgery (Look for Adam Kinal FL)(Click here to verify his license)

and is a Fellow Trained Cosmetic Surgeon with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (click here to verify license) holding a medical license in 4 states, including California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.


Dr. Kinal also serves as an Oral Protocol Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. ABCS


Early in his training, he worked at medical outreach centers in Jamaica, providing medical care in small villages. He also served as a camp counselor for 44 children with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005. He pursued rigorous training and found that while doing his residency at Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center, one of the largest public hospitals and medical training facilities in the United States.


The hospital, which is known for its hectic trauma center, makes sure Dr. Kinal was prepared for even the worst of situations. Time spent at the highly active hospitals in Los Angeles gave him invaluable experience in the arena of plastic/reconstructive surgery, breast cancer surgery, pediatric, laparoscopic surgery, hepatobiliary, colorectal, bariatric surgery, transplants, cardiothoracic surgery, skin cancer, head, and neck surgery as well as endocrine surgery.


All of Dr. Kinal's hard work and diligence paid off, and he went on to complete a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at one of the busiest and best surgical practices nationwide. He has worked on over 1200 cases during the Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship program. (Cosmetic surgery is a unique, disciplined specialized category of medicine solely focused on enhancing a patient's appearance through surgical and medical techniques). The Fellowship at Southern Surgical Arts in Chattanooga, TN, and Calhoun, GA, is one of the most sought after in the U.S, and Dr. Kinal trained with two nationally known and highly respected surgeons, Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal. After running a successful practice in South Florida and working at busy Miami facilities, where perhaps his BBL technique was perfected, it was time to hit Los Angeles. It's been a whirl-wind!



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