Dr. Kinal’s eye for balance and beauty are utilized to capacity as part of his strategic breast reduction surgery. He carefully reshapes the chest to align with the rest of the figure, expanding wardrobe options and elevating self-confidence. Breast reduction is often performed in tandem with mastopexy (breast lift) to further sculpt and refine the upper body profile. While usually performed for cosmetic reasons, breast reduction may be medically necessary when enlarged breasts cause back, neck, or shoulder pain. Emotionally, breast reduction can create a more positive self-image and help prevent teasing, taunting, or catcalling. 

Why Choose Dr. Kinal for Breast Reduction in Orlando?

Dr. Kinal is a trusted authority in the realm of cosmetic surgery, having practiced in among the most exclusive Los Angeles and South Florida offices, where he perfected his cutting-edge contouring techniques. Throughout his training and time spent in private practice, Dr. Kinal acquired an intuitive understanding of what each patient is looking for. He uses active listening to develop a treatment strategy personalized to their unique physique and personality. Clients cherish Dr. Kinal’s transparency and enthusiasm for creating the optimized outcomes they dream of. Dr. Kinal’s energy and devotion to his craft are boundless, and this is evident from the moment you meet him.

Dr. Kinal is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellowship-Trained Cosmetic Surgeon with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He holds a medical license in 4 states, including California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, and serves as an Oral Protocol Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

While many women are eager to enhance their bust with implants to obtain a more rounded and feminine-looking figure, women with oversized breasts seek the opposite in terms of body contouring. They desire to remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin that is causing discomfort and distorting the proportions of the physique. Breast reduction is performed to reshape the chest, giving patients a new lease on life. The surgery can reduce chafing and irritation, relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain, expand clothing options, and reward the client with enhanced self-esteem.

Breast Reduction - What to Expect

Breast Reduction Orlando | Breast Reduction Surgery What to Know

What Are the Advantages?

  • Creates a more youthful-looking, balanced physique
  • Provides a more comfortable fit in bras and tops
  • Removes excess skin, fat, and tissue
  • Relieves pain, irritation, and chafing
  • Enhances stamina and energy
  • Provides a more positive self-image
  • Can be combined with a breast lift
  • Long-lasting, natural-looking results
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Determining Your Candidacy

Some women may have tried dieting and exercise as a way to contour the upper body but with little success. They may be self-conscious about oversized breasts and are experiencing setbacks, both physically and emotionally, due to their body shape. As with any surgery, it is important that the patient is a healthy non-smoker who is free from any uncontrolled medical concerns that might interfere with the procedure or its recovery. Dr. Kinal will conduct a thorough, detailed consultation to ensure that breast reduction will be safe and successful for you.

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Before & After

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Procedure Details


Patients receive either general anesthesia or IV sedation before the procedure to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Kinal will discuss your options during your private consultation.


Dr. Kinal will choose the best incision pattern for your unique anatomy and body sculpting goals. He will choose from a donut incision encircling the areola, a lollipop incision encircling the nipple and running down vertically to the breast crease, or an anchor incision that encircles the areola, stretches down to the breast crease and then runs horizontally along the inframammary fold.

Tissue Removal

After the incision is created, Dr. Kinal will remove excess tissue, fat, and skin, reshaping the breast mounds for a more youthful appearance. The nipples and areolas can be repositioned to a more aesthetically pleasing location. Liposuction may also be employed to further refine the upper body contours.

Closing the Incisions

As a final step, Dr. Kinal will close the incisions with layered sutures that support a more refined and sculpted breast appearance. He may also employ skin adhesives or surgical glue. Incisions are always placed in such a way as to minimize scarring, and scars will fade over time.


The First Few Days

Patients will experience mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Dr. Kinal will provide prescription medications to help alleviate these symptoms. The patient may be fitted with a compression garment to help reduce swelling and keep the newly sculpted contours intact. Drainage tubes may be placed at first to help escort excess fluids out of the body. These are removed within several days. The focus should be on healing, with women avoiding strenuous exercise and heavy lifting.

The First Few Weeks

Within a few weeks, most swelling and bruising will have subsided along with discomfort. Sutures and dressings are removed, but the patient should continue wearing the compression garment. Most women can return to work within around 2 weeks, depending on the nature of their jobs. 

The First Few Months

Most women experience a full recovery within 4-6 weeks. Within this time, the breast will begin to feel more natural, with the tissue softening. A small amount of swelling may persist for up to 12 months, so it is important that patients not judge their results too early.

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Dr. Kinal and his team are amazing! Not only are the results wonderful, but the service he and his crew offer is excellent. They are fast to respond and no question is too trivial to ask. I'd never had plastic surgery before, so this was all new to me. They made the whole experience (before, during and after) pleasant for me and ensured I was taken care of during the whole procedure. I wholeheartedly suggest Dr. Kinal for any of your plastic surgery needs!

Lorna Wolf

Your Detailed Consultation

As part of his commitment to concierge care, Dr. Kinal evaluates each patient’s breasts himself, assessing their shape, size, degree of ptosis, skin quality, and skin thickness in order to craft a successful and personalized treatment plan. He will also perform a physical exam and thorough medical review to determine any risk factors or pre-existing health concerns. 

During the consultation, Dr. Kinal will answer all questions and provide a quote for services. He will provide financing options and schedule the surgical dates at this time. After their detailed consultations, most patients feel they have a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after breast reduction and they feel that they have chosen the right place.

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Is breast augmentation safe?

Can breast reduction be combined with other treatments?

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Is breast augmentation safe?

Before surgery, Dr. Kinal conducts extensive testing and clearance to ensure the procedure is safe for each individual. Many patients are worried about undergoing general anesthesia, but Dr. Kinal takes all the time needed to confirm the procedure will be completed seamlessly. His highest priorities are client safety and satisfaction.

Can breast reduction be combined with other treatments?

Yes. It is common for patients to undergo additional body contouring treatments in addition to their breast reduction surgery, especially after pregnancy. A breast reduction can be a component of a more comprehensive mommy makeover, or it can be performed in tandem with a thigh lift, tummy tuck, or Brazilian Butt Lift. Speak with Dr. Kinal about creating your personalized treatment plan during your private consultation.

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Timeless beauty begins with a personalized evaluation and thoughtful discussion of your goals and wishes for improvement.

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