What is a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a sought-after body contouring procedure that involves harvesting the patient’s fat to augment and enhance the physique. Dr. Kinal provides highly customized results that help patients enjoy a broader range of clothing and swimwear options and a more positive self-image. 

Brazilian Butt Lift in Orlando with Dr. Adam Kinal

Dr. Kinal is a dedicated and meticulously detailed surgeon with a special passion for body sculpting. He perfected his innovative BBL techniques while performing thousands of procedures at busy Southern Florida and Los Angeles facilities. Dr. Kinal has an exceptional understanding of achieving each patient’s goals, based on his ability to listen during their private, in-depth consultation carefully. Patients appreciate his warmth, transparency, and enthusiasm for crafting an elegant and beautiful final result.

Dr. Kinal is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellowship-Trained Cosmetic Surgeon with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He holds a medical license in California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, serving the Orlando community and beyond. Dr. Kinal is also an Oral Protocol Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. 

How does a butt lift work?

Orlando patients choose fat transfer butt augmentation to offset volume loss in the rear end associated with the natural aging process, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy/childbirth.

Some clients have flatter contours due to genetics and wish to create a more curvaceous, feminine silhouette. 

A Brazilian Butt Lift in Orlando utilizes fat from a donor region, such as the hips, belly, or flanks, to restore shape and projection to the buttocks. As such, the procedure accomplishes two body sculpting goals simultaneously, slimming the areas from which the fat was harvested while boosting the recipient region. Results are natural-looking and balanced, making BBL the preferred choice over butt implants for many patients.

A Brazilian Butt Lift transfers fat from an excess area to the buttocks to create more rounded, sculpted curves. The patient must possess adequate amounts of donor fat for harvesting in the stomach, flanks, back, thighs, or hips. The surgeon typically needs around 3-4 times the fat that will later be stored in the rear end, as not all transferred cells survive. 

After making small incisions in the donor regions, Dr. Kinal will extract fat using liposuction. The fat cells are then sterilized and purified, readying them for transfer. Finally, the fat is injected strategically into the buttocks to enhance shape and projection. Dr. Kinal’s artistic eye for beauty ensures that the outcome is balanced, symmetrical, and natural-looking.

Dr. Kinal Discusses Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL Orlando | Undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift

Advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Creates a more youthful, attractive figure
  • Adds feminine, rounded curves
  • Combats volume loss due to aging and pregnancy
  • Expands wardrobe choices
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Slims and contours the donor regions
  • Minimally invasive
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Is a butt lift right for me?

If you are unhappy with flat or droopy contours and seek a natural way to augment your figure, a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Kinal in Orlando may be ideal. A Brazilian Butt Lift can be personalized to address your unique concerns and areas where you desire improvement. 
You may be an excellent candidate for BBL if…

  • Your butt is not as full, round, and sexy as you would like it to be
  • Your figure has changed due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss
  • You are in good physical and mental health, with no uncontrolled medical issues
  • You are a non-smoker, or you are willing to quit before and after your BBL
  • You have realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection
  • You have maintained good skin elasticity
  • You have failed to obtain your desired results through dieting and exercise alone
  • You have ample donor fat available in other regions of the body
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How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift cost?

As with any surgical procedure, a Brazilian butt lift can vary in price depending on numerous factors. On average, the surgeon’s fee for a BBL ranges from about $4,000 to $5,000. That said, the overall cost could be more than double that amount in some cases. 

Some factors that affect the overall cost of a BBL include:

  • Hospital or facility costs
  • Anesthesia
  • Medications
  • The BBL pillow (vital for proper recovery)
  • Lymphatic massage (sometimes recommended) 

As a cosmetic procedure, the BBL is not covered by health insurance. There are financing options available. Reach out to our office today to schedule a private consultation and learn more about the cost of our BBL procedure. 

What Can I Expect After My Procedure?

After your Orlando fat transfer butt lift, Dr. Kinal will wrap the treatment areas with compression garments to help reduce swelling and keep your newly sculpted contours intact during the healing phase. Since BBL is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation, you will need a responsible adult to drive you home and assist you after your procedure for the first 24 hours.

After surgery, patients may experience bruising, swelling, soreness, and temporary numbness in the buttocks. Dr. Kinal will provide prescription pain medications along with a detailed aftercare plan to help make recovery seamless and stress-free. Once home, patients can take gentle walks to encourage healthy circulation, prevent complications, and elevate their mood.

It is important not to put direct pressure on the buttocks. Patients are advised to sleep on their stomachs or their sides and to use a booty pillow while seated. Lymphatic massage can be performed to help facilitate healing and minimize scarring. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be postponed for up to 6 weeks.

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Dr. Kinal and his staff were excellent from the first day. Everyone is so friendly and organized. I had no issues, the wait times were not long at all like in Miami. My decision to choose this surgeon was the best decision I made, and my results are fantastic. Dr. Kinal far exceeded my expectations on my results and I highly recommend him!

Cheryl Rivera

Your Individualized Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Kinal will personally measure the treatment area, assessing the skin quality, skin thickness, and degree of skin ptosis. He will carefully evaluate each patient’s medical history, noting any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors. Patient safety is Dr. Kinal’s highest priority. Dr. Kinal loves to empower clients with choices and options for customizing their surgery.

This leads to a more satisfying and personalized final result. After he has created your unique treatment plan, he will discuss pricing and financing and will then schedule the surgery date. Patients leave the consultation process with a clear understanding of what to expect from their BBL – before, during, and after.

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Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Patients frequently undergo additional body contouring treatments in combination with their BBL in order to obtain more comprehensive anti-aging results. These procedures may include breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck, or BodyTite. Speak with Dr. Kinal during your private consultation to design your unique, customized treatment plan.

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Timeless beauty begins with a personalized evaluation and thoughtful discussion of your goals and wishes for improvement.

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